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sorry, just ignore this post, I'm trying something; I'll later post some new/not-so-new things
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An unexpected act of kindness

Fandom:             Superior
Characters:         Shion, Exa
Rating:                PG-13
Summary:            Shion thinks upon the true meaning of 'kindness'. Takes place in chapter 2 of "Superior"
Warnings:            Somewhat depressing... I guess... Spoilers to chapter 2

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more fanart

well... I'm alive

I've been re-reading some fanfics, I remembered I had kinda sorta promised (if not formally) to do some fanart for it, specifically Plus Anima Meets Teen Titans(Name to be changed in the near future)
chapter 8. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6813910/8/Plus-Anima-Meets-Teen-Titans)

+Anima, character Husky, is... for lack of a shorter/simpler explanation, a merman
it's still a WIP, but hopefully I'll get it finished (soon)
and this is the result of trying to piece together how his skeleton changes from human to mer-child

[here is the skeleton sketch]

and here the link to the mostly, though probably complete version at my dA account


A Bed Time Story

Fandom: Superior
Rating: PG
Summary: Sheila-chan wakes up after nightmares, it's up to Shion to console her
Warnings: mentions of child cruelty and racism

I do not own 'Superior', nor do I own 'Superior Cross', both belong to Ichtys, please go read it, it's a nice manga that needs more love

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couldn't resist temptation

I wasn't planning on uploading this until I finished it, but my pc is being a ....... and restarting rather randomly, and I think its got something to do with the graphics card but that also means that I cant really work on my images...

and then I read this post from darkicedragon

so... I just cant wait any longer...

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Unexploitable Weakness

Fandom: Ma-Tantei Loki Ragnarok
Rating: Rating: G
Warnings: mild swearing from a cranky god... I guess

there is a reason why Heimdall no longer uses Mayura as bait

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Lights in the night sky

Fandom: Ma-Tantei Loki Ragnarok
Rating: G
Warnings: probably some OOC'ness

Hi all, me first time trying to write a Ma-Tantei Loki Ragnarok fic, hope you like it.

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I rather hate plot-bunnies

I hate plot-bunnies... or rather, I hate my inability to capture them...

got myself into no_true_pair.... and I got so many nice bunnies.... and today... 5 days to posting day to start... I have one almost finished... a third of one and a paragraph of another.... OTL

I had also thought of doing some art too, but at this rate...

the one that's almost finished is the fluffiest thing I've ever written...   .///.
I didn't know that I could do that...

Music memes

More memes, these ones are music related ones, lol

Warning, for my sarcastic side has taken over most of the first part

Took this from Aurelia Roschelle


1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. Put any comments in brackets

5. Post this in your profile.

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Favorite OP's and END's

What are you favorite OP and Eds? and why?
Don't go past top 5, and say a few words why?

I must admit… I'd have posted this meme a loooooong time earlier; but this meme…. God, it's so hard to choose… they are all so good… and choosing 5 out of so many…. And then there is the fact that it's becoming rather difficult to find the OP's and ED's… all that Copyright thing. Seriously, I don't see how showing the openings and endings is prejudicial to their economy, I'd actually consider it beneficial, since it helps to… carry the voice; also, it's not the entire record of the music… nor is it the entire chapter or series… oh well

This past through a strenuous selection… first I played all the OPs and EDs that I've got and decided which I like the best… then I looked for all their respective videos… so I tagged the links to the videos that I liked… then, I tried weeding the list, and found I couldn't… because the music is too good, even if I don’t like the videos…

It's just not possible... there are too many that are worth mentioning, thus, I'll chose five videos, but I still left the links to the others that I like, and left the ones that I like the music alone without the link (or that I couldn't find the link)

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ok, after seeing aaaaaalll these, I have come to a couple of conclusions about myself...

I am not really fond of openings/ endings that zoom across completely static images

yet like, quite a lot those that show photos, or show photos with a dynamic something (dynamic background, changing mist over the images or dynamically change between images and movement scenes

examples: Rakuen no Tobira, Grow Up, Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki)

And I also seem to like, a looot those that show the characters walking/marching, somewhat in time with the rhythm

Seems like I also like the wave effect from water drops

If it has fighting scenes, they've got to be decent (that's why BLAZE opening isn't one of my top...)

As for insertion songs/ost's

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Top 10 animanga

swiped this from lucathia, too.

and guess what... seems like I do not know the meaning of the word comment, nor summary

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